Pink Sprouting Afternoon Tea & Spring Cocktail

AT THE GREY ROOM, pink-colored, with a pink motif that symbolizes the season of cherry blossoms and spring flowers, will be available for a limited time from Sunday, March 15 to Sunday, April 5.
In addition, at bar time, there are four original spring cocktails, including two cocktails inspired by the cherry blossom-blossom scene, which is surprisingly amazing to change the presentation just before drinking. Available for a limited time from Sunday, March 15 to Thursday, April 30.

Afternoon tea with a pink color theme inspired by spring with flowers in full bloom
"Pink Sprouting Afternoon Tea" is an original style afternoon tea with the indian touch usually served, and it is upgraded only in this season when flowers bloom in color.
Sweets such as Indian dessert "Balfi" made with chickpeas and coconuts, Indian rice pudding "Filni" and sweets such as bonbon chocolate, baked goods such as scones on the tart are colored pink, and the usual mango lassie is also adorable pink color, to a bean sprout lassie. The salty taste to match the sweetness is a modern Indian.
We will deliver an unprecedented spice savory that has evolved Indian street food, such as "Samosa", "Dokura" and "C'Chori" served at the cuisine restaurant "SPICE LAB TOKYO".

Pink Sprouting Afternoon Tea
We accept orders from two people.

Period: March 15 - April 5, 2020

Reservations & Inquiries: The Grey Room

Tel: 03-6274-6023


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