India is a transgression of many cultures, traditions, rituals and indulgence; all coexisting in perfect harmony. Amidst the frenetic frenzy there is an unstated method.
The Grey Room is a created representation of a journey of after-hours release, conversations, revelations, friendships and bonds. It’s a space where things happen amongst those who savour lifes little moments as much as board- room victories. It’s a space for those who have seen the world and appreciate the small details, like our choice of decor, curated bar snacks and our unique cocktail program that will make it’s debut in Ginza, Tokyo.
The Grey Room allows for expression and indulgence, you are safe within these walls, this is your cocoon. Let the spir- its rise as they flow.
The logo is a typographic revelation of creating harmony within differences. Three letters of the abbreviation, T, G, and R have been merged in to one, they can be read individually yet come together as one letter.
This draws a parallel to how you may visit us as individuals but you will leave from here in harmony and sync as one.


The Grey Room’s interior sensibilities are meant to evoke a feeling of neutrality and zen. A bar that offers a global experience, TGR is neither pretentious nor traditional. It is modern in every aspect and we aim to create an experience that is bold, sensual and sophisticated.


Priya & Sunandan Kapur

Founder / Owners

“Japan is our home away from home and we’ve wanted to do something there forever. Our intention was to take the common love for all things gastronomical or indulgent and create something which showed our gratitude to the country, while showcasing to the world how deeply India and Japan’s culture are intertwined. Ginza was an obvious choice to make an impression in the heart of Tokyo’s culinary & beverage dictionary.”


Gicros GINZA Gems 11F, 6-4-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, TokyoJapan 104-0061

Lunch & Afternoon Tea

Bar (Tapas)

Opening hours will be announced in the NEWS.