Mojito Promotion

This summer at THE GREY ROOM, we offer a "Mojito Promotion" that offers various styles of "Mojito" which is the perfect summer cocktail to relax in a neutral comfortable space that reflects the changing expression of Ginza.
This is an original cocktail selection made using the spices unique to Gray Room and Japanese ingredients and spirits.
A total of 6 types including 4 types of original mojitos, seasonal fresh fruit mojitos and premium mojitos using champagne will be offered for a limited time until August 31st.

●Green curry mojito
Gin-base mojito with coconut, cardamom and coriander

●Chai mojito
Rum-base mojito with homemade chai syrup

● Roasted sake mojito
Shochu-based mojito using homemade roasted sake syrup and shiso

●Yuzu Ginger Mojito
Mojito based on Hakushu with Yuzu and Ginger

Period: June 23 - August 31, 2020

Reservations & Inquiries: The Grey Room

Tel: 03-6274-6023


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